Saturday, March 26, 2016

Fun with Heathen Vexillology

Photo credit: Jason Erich Luhavalja
It happens that the area in which I live (the area where New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania all come together) is extraordinarily active in terms of Asatru groups and events. All of us have a slightly different take on things, but we all get along, and all go to each others' events. Rarely does a weekend go by that one of the six groups in the area (all of which are based within roughly two hours of one another) isn't doing something. It makes the weekends around the big holidays busy indeed, I can tell you. We've got:

But one of the things that a bunch of us have done (and I want to say the Irminfolk were the first - the two Theods are still lagging behind ::grin::), is to make flags. Not just the "Viking banner" thing that a lot of groups have to hang at events, but honest-to-goodness flags that they sell and/or provide to members. Three feet high and five feet wide, like any other flag. And here they are:

Balder Rising



It's ultimately a minor thing, but I really love the fact that we're creating these expressions of our tribal identity, and bringing them into reality. Like shirts with a tribal logo, or coins, or other means of establishing a tribal identity, these flags are an effective tool. Plus, it's a Hel of a lot of fun to see them "in the flesh". Imagine seeing a big regional event with a dozen tribal flags arrayed around the AFA and US flags. Oh I want to see that.

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