Saturday, August 12, 2017

Thoughts on the Battle of Charlottesville

An innocent and peaceful antifa counter-demonstrator
punches someone in the back of the head. Well done,
peaceful antifa counter-demonstrator. How tolerant.
Today marked yet another blow in the ongoing campaign of antifa to silence those with whom they disagree. Not that they framed it in such lofty terms, of course; they went to Charlottesville armed with clubs and pepper spray and decked out in helmets, explicitly to deny the Unite the Right rally the chance to speak and peaceably assemble, to protest the removal of a statue of General Robert E. Lee.

Yes, I said "peaceably assemble" because it seems to have been a failure on the part of law enforcement to protect the Unite the Right rally's constitutional right to freedom of speech. Instead, they failed to impose restrictions on the counter-protesters, failed to separate them from the UtR rally that had legally gotten a permit to assemble, and then failed to remove the violent antifa/BLM thugs when they predictably turned ugly.

Now, lest you think that the fault for the violence in Charlottesville today was on the right, let's review what happened when antifa and Black Lives Matter protested over the course of the last year or two.

Were there any "white supremacists" or "white nationalists" in Dallas when a BLM sniper killed five police officers? Or three more in Baton Rouge? No, despite the hysterical rhetoric from the left. There were no Klan counter-protesters, no white nationalist groups provoking the Black Lives Matters rioters. They were just there to riot, and they did. And cops died.

And antifa? They wouldn't know a real fascist if one threw them in a concentration camp. To them, everyone right of Bernie Sanders is a "Nazi". And yet they're more than willing to launch their temper-tantrums and cause thousands of dollars in property damage just to stop a gay Jewish man and a woman from speaking in Berkeley. Because they disagree with them.

I thought they were supposed to be on the side of minorities like gays and Jews and women? Apparently not.

But once again, there weren't any hordes of white supremacists on the streets of Berkeley "provoking" them. Antifa doesn't need to be provoked. It comes pre-provoked, and ready for violence, whether against property or people.

Don't believe me? Walk down the street in Berkeley with a Make America Great Again hat. I double-dog dare you.

No, the violence in Charlottesville today was just another example of the far left's "rioter's veto" and when we keep seeing people decrying the "white supremacists" for the violence, we need to remember that that's just another part of the Big Lie.

The true domestic terrorists are antifa and Black Lives matter. The police completely failed today in Charlottesville. What they should have been doing is protecting the First Amendment rights of the Unite the Right rally. What they did instead was to give antifa/BLM another venue to erupt into violence and attack those on the right.

I'm no fan of the Klan by any means. I'm not a white supremacist. But damnit all, they have a right to speak! And no threats of violence to try to prevent or disrupt that right should be tolerated.

If we are going to have government picking and choosing which ideas are allowed to be expressed in public, then the First Amendment is truly worthless. Because if we're going to pick and choose onerous ideologies that deserve to be silenced, then we should be starting with Marxism, with its 100 million body count.

As for the horrific incident with the car, I reserve judgement until all the facts are known. Some moron antifa protester saying "it was NAZIS!" isn't enough for me. I await the facts.

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  1. Jon, I like your usually level-headed speech. Now, I am about as far away from a "SJW-type" (far-leftie) as I am from the Alt-right. That is right, I am a moderate, slightly left of center type. I am almost 67 and am an USAF veteran and a college graduate with 2 masters degrees. However, I must disagree with you. I saw the flags they carried at Charlottesville. You CANNOT excuse THAT. Now, I do not believe in melting pots. I think we ALL have unique things to contribute; however, all these people contribute is hatred. Yes, the FAR left is just as bad. More people SHOULD be pointing their fingers at that hatred as well. However, the Alt-right should Not be tolerated in any measure whatsoever.