Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Again with the Nazis

Seriously, guys. This is what you look like to normal people.
I really, honestly, didn't want to have to post a follow-up on this topic, but considering it was my post originally that triggered this series of posts from the otherwise-usually-terrific Son of Hel, I think I should point out that he has completely and utterly missed the point of the original.

The backlash he has received for posting a five-part defense of National Socialism (and for all his attempts at backpedaling, that's what this has been) does nothing more than to demonstrate my original point. And that is, quite simply; it doesn't fucking matter.
  • It doesn't matter if you can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that National Socialism is the best economic system ever devised (it's not)
  • It doesn't matter if Germany had legitimate grievances after the Treaty of Versailles (it did)
  • It doesn't matter if National Socialism did some, or even many, good things for Germany before September 1939 (it did)
  • It doesn't matter if you have films showing the Allies building fake gas chambers (they didn't)
  • It doesn't matter if the Wehrmacht operated according to the Geneva Convention and otherwise generally honorably during the war (they did, for the most part)
  • It doesn't matter if there really is a world-spanning Jewish conspiracy to exterminate white people that spans from every kosher deli owner up to George Soros (there isn't)
  • It doesn't matter if the Communists killed ten times as many people as the Fascists did (they did)
All of those things would be, and are, completely overshadowed by the fact that the National Socialist "brand" has been forever tainted in the public mind because of the crimes the regime committed. You already lost that particular war of ideas decades ago, and you are never, ever, going to win it. To even make the attempt simply tarnishes you, and no amount of trying-to-be-clever backpedaling about "pointing out the good points isn't the same as endorsing the bad points" is going to change that.

And by the way...

NEWS FLASH: Nobody today going around waving Nazi flags is doing so because they believe in the 1932 NSDAP job creation program or because they think the Autobahn is so wonderful. They're doing it because they hate Jews and blacks and they like the fact that the Nazis tried to murder as many Jews as they could*.

You can't make an interstate highway system without
exterminating some untermenschen!

Coincidentally (at least I think it's coincidental; as far as I can tell neither side has mentioned this blog or Son of Hel, so I'm assuming it's just something in the air at the moment), there's a bit of a back-and-forth between Varg Vikernes and Guardians of Scandinavia (which seems to have either taken down all their videos or have had them taken down for them) about whether Tribalism or National Socialism is the best route to go in Scandinavia. Varg seems to be of the opinion that National Socialism isn't viable because the Jews and their puppets in the American military wouldn't ever allow it, while the Guardians seem to think that National Socialism is absolutely the only way that Europeans will ever endure, and any other approach is doomed to failure. Le sigh

There is one exception, however.

If one has a track record of being patently against the excesses and crimes of National Socialism, unabashedly and unreservedly, then one might -- might -- have a chance to redeem certain of the genuine parts of Germanic tradition that are perceived as tainted by the National Socialist regime. And there are indeed worthy projects along those lines that have been done in the past, are being done today, and are still to be done in the future.

Redeeming the runes themselves was a task, successfully done by rigorous academic study applied in a strictly apolitical context. There's currently a movement afoot to redeem the swastika, both by those who are sincere and those who are disingenuous; the latter aren't doing the former any favors, by the way.

Yeaaaaaah, about that...

There are doubtless more such battles to be fought because the Nazis tore through our lore like a tornado looking for bits and pieces to use to inspire their followers, but they're never going to be won by people who are obviously doing it as a way to attempt to "normalize" National Socialism. Because that's not going to happen. Ever. Just stop trying. Blame it on the "total control of the Jews over the national media" or whatever paranoid fantasy keeps you from realizing that nobody's really in control of what happens in the world, but just stop. Let's try to keep the good stuff without embracing the bad stuff, mkay?

Since "folkish" doesn't mean "racist", that should be easy enough.


Just to clarify the attempt of the original and this post. I am not trying to attack anyone. Honest! I am making a genuine plea to knock off a trend that I think is genuinely harmful not only to Asatru in specific, but our Folk in general. There are so many talented, creative, and awesome people who insist on trying to be "cute" and walk this line, that I think is so ultimately harmful to our cause. Put your energies into things that aren't so thorny (or "edgy" if you prefer) and I think you'll find the results are way more impressive, and the end result far more effective, than you think.


* Or they're simply trying to get a rise out of people, and do it for the lulz, in which case they're just being disruptive, as opposed to genuinely trying to influence policy. There are a lot more people like that today than there were in, say, the 1960's when George Lincoln Rockwell was making speeches, or the 1970's when the remnants of his movement were marching through Skokie. Today even the Alt-Right dismisses the armband-crowd as cosplayers.


  1. This is a great article. I couldn't agree more.

  2. Right, well, here's my response.

    We can keep talking about it privately if you like, or public. Up to you man.