Saturday, June 10, 2017


Laci Green, feminist YouTuber
We seem to have reached "peak intersectionality" recently (or intersectionality squared), in the person of Laci Green. Rather, Laci Green seems to be seeing what the ultimate results of intersectionality are.

First, some background.

"Intersectionality" is a Ctrl-Left theory that basically says that all forms of what they label "oppression" are linked, and if you are, for example, a feminist, you must also be anti-racist, anti-capitalist, pro-abortion, advocate open borders, boycott Chick-fil-A, want to doxx and destroy the lives of Gamergaters, use the label "fascist" to refer to anyone who you disagree with, and on and on. It's basically a way to establish ideological purity amongst leftists, a final attempt to weed out those who agree with the left on some things, but not others. That will not do, and "intersectionality" is the tool by which ideological purity is defined and enforced.

You know, like HUAR and the gang over at Godless and Radical.

Laci Green is (or perhaps was is the correct tense; if not, it might soon be) a feminist YouTube commenter. She largely focuses on feminism in her videos, but applied the "intersectionality" idea to her commentary. And Time magazine called her one of the most influential people on the internet (in other news, Time magazine is still around; who knew?). She's a self-identified SJW.

However... a few weeks ago, however, she made the daring suggestion that it might be beneficial to actually talk to people who identified as anti-feminists. And then she revealed that she's actually dating someone who was an anti-feminist; the very talented Chris Raygun.

If you're like me, your reaction is probably, "so what?" Who the Hel cares who she's dating?

Oh, ye of little intersectionality.

She is currently getting a very hard lesson in what "intersectionality" really is, and how those on the Ctrl-Left really operate. In short, she's getting rhetorically beaten black and blue for even suggesting talking to people with whom she disagrees might be a good thing, let alone playing a rousing game or two of hide-the-sausage with someone who happens to disagree with her on certain political issues.

Let me just say that I've been watching Laci Green's videos on YouTube for a while (mostly because of the response videos from anti-feminist YouTubers like Bearing and others), and I genuinely like her. She's cute, she's obviously smart, she's funny, and she's quite engaging. I also happen to vehemently disagree with just about everything she believes when it comes to politics, economics, and social issues, but I could see it would be a hoot to hang out with her at a bar for an evening, drinking, eating wings, and good-naturedly jibing one another about the stuff we disagree on.

See, that's what being a normal person is like. You can disagree with someone on politics, and still think they're a decent human being, and even that they're worth spending time with.

But, sweet merciful bloodstained gods! the reactions to her call for actually talking to people who disagree with feminism (let alone fucking them) are just beyond belief. Here's just the barest sample:

Apparently now Laci is a racist. Because she's white, and talking to anti-feminists. Because... well, you know. All whites are racist, and intersectionality demands that you must check ALL THE BOXES. Even though those boxes are constantly changing. Because to do anything less would make you a bad "ally":
1.5 MILLION subscribers, and she can walk away from ALL OF THAT and still be loved and have her needs met because she's white....
Laci Green is one of the most known, if not the most known SJW on Youtube. And if she can turn her back on people of color and fuck a white supremacist, how the FUCK do you think people of color should feel about the entirety of white allyship? How can ANY OF US trust white women, let alone whypipo as a collective?
She was doxxed herself. Because if one doesn't accept the groupthink, one must be shamed, and be subjected to constant harassment, and have one's life basically destroyed.

I suppose "if you're not against them, you're not with us," is their mantra.

Gods, what it must be like to live a life defined by what you hate, rather than what you love. It's mind-boggling.

You can find a ton more stuff online if you just Google Laci Green. The bile, the virulent hatred, and most of all the willingness to rip apart someone that the Ctrl-Left used to adore, just because she was willing to talk to people who disagreed with her, is outright astonishing.

Laci posted a video about her feels in relation to the reaction. I really feel for her. She did what she thought would be a good thing (and, honestly, what most of us would think would be a good thing; actually engaging with people with whom we disagree), and got the most unbelievably overblow reaction from people who were her supporters and friends just a few weeks ago. It's really unbelievable how quickly, and completely, the Ctrl-Left will disavow one of its own, and indeed turn them into the same sort of pariah they usually reserve for Klansmen, abortion clinic bombers, and Trump supporters.

Laci, if you're reading this (and I have no expectation that you will, since you're a liberal SJW atheist, and this is a folkish Asatru polytheist blog), I am very sorry you had to find out the hard way that the people you'd counted as friends and supporters all this time were really a bunch of Ctrl-Left ideologues, ready to put anyone up against the wall for the most minor of transgressions. I meant it when I said I thought you were a good person, and I really hate that you're having to find out the hard way just what the toxic ideology you've embraced really leads to. You're experiencing the same sort of ostracization that I'm sure you despised when the Mormon church you grew up in did it to you. Only now it's being done by the very people you thought were the most tolerant and open-minded people on Earth.

It sucks that it had to happen to someone who seems like a genuinely nice person, but I hope the irony isn't lost on you. That offer of a beer and wings still stands, next time you're in NYC.

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