Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Troth finally shits

"Shit or get off the pot" is an old saying, with the meaning of  "you're taking too long to follow through with your intention."

Well, the Troth has finally shit.

At its founding in 1987, the Ring of Troth (as it was originally named), was intended as a truly neutral territory for Heathens of all types. Asatru and Theodish, modernists and reconstructionists, Lokeans and anti-Lokeans, and, yes, Universalists and Folkish; all were welcome in a deliberately loose framework that provided a very decentralized structure, leaving such decisions to the individual and local kindreds with the intention of fostering a community where people could disagree on important things, have a place to discuss those differences, and still stand to have their membership dues go to the same group at the end of the day.

With the ouster of its founder Edred Thorsson in 1991, however, the Ring of Troth gradually assumed a more interventionist stance with regards to the various fault lines within Heathenry and more and more demands for ideological purity. First there was the "war on Satanist infiltrators" wherein members of the Temple of Set (itself a very broad-ranging Left Hand Path organization that encompasses a huge range of material including runes, seiðr, and other aspects of Heathenry) and other LHP groups were driven out, although members of the neopagan and Wiccan communities were welcome. Then there was the friction with Theodism, which led to a withdrawal of Theodish groups from the "broader Heathen community" just to escape all the drama. Then Troth Associated Kindreds were forbidden from being Folkish in outlook; individual members, we were told, were to be tolerated, but kindreds had to be Universalist. And the well-documented slide to accommodate Loki worship at official events, which is still in progress, and which will doubtless lead to an embrace of jotun-worshipers of all sorts.

But last Sunday The Troth finally completed the purge of Folkish Asatru from its midst, by requiring all individual members to agree to the following:
I agree to keep frith with all Troth members regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ability, gender, or family structure.
In other words, agree with our Universalist position or you aren't welcome in our organization. Because we're tolerant, and you're not. 

So, those last few members of The Troth who were of a Folkish bent are finally being driven out. The veneer of tolerance for diverse points of view within The Troth has finally been ripped off. The different-opinions-don't-hurt-me, tolerant-of-everybody Ring of Troth of 1987 has been replaced with the Politically Correct Norse Neopagan precious snowflake bastion of 2017.

Now, I certainly don't begrudge them the right to do so as an organization. The Asatru Folk Assembly has standards, and requires its members to agree to certain tenets, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

What I am glad about is this final removal of the fig leaf of "tolerance" from The Troth. They've finally come out and admitted that they aren't the "big tent" Heathen organization they kept telling the world they were. They're admitting that they've fully embraced a radical, ahistorical, and minority "universalist" view of Germanic religion, and dissenting opinions on the question of Folkishness will no longer be tolerated even among the individual membership. 

So well done, The Troth. You can now continue to pare away other groups within your membership that are ideologically undesirable. I'm sure that even with the purge of the Folkish, there are some Trump supporters in your midst. That, surely, will be intolerable soon enough. (Think I'm joking? At least one Pathetic Pagan blogger explicitly linked this move by The Troth with Trump being president.) And eventually all Republicans. And those folks who object to the worship of Loki and jotuns at official Troth events; they'll need to be put down like the rabid intolerant dogs that they are. People who object to non-Asatruar in an Asatru organization? We'll have none of that! And, of course, there might be some members in red states, even (gasp)... Texas.

I'm sure you'll get to all those Politically Incorrect groups within your membership eventually. And many others that I can't even think of right now. And you'll ban them all. And then you'll be perfect. 

Keep going, The Troth. You're on the path to final victory.


  1. They are trying so, so hard to make sure nobody thinks they are Nazis: what they don't understand is that all those efforts are in vain. They are dealing with people who think anybody wearing a Thor's Hammer is a White Supremacist. When they look at the Troth they see bigots who tell pretty lies and keep a token Negro or two around to throw people off their scent.

  2. After the metric ton of whining about "maintaining frith" that has been a deluge from the Folkish camps for the last couple years, an oath to maintain frith is met with "But muh Folkish!"
    Also, you have a fundamental misunderstanding of "tolerance" that plays well in memes, but doesn't fit reality. See here:

    1. I was going to reply here, and then thought your comment was worthy of a post unto itself.