Thursday, January 26, 2017

The violent radical Left

Leftists embracing a patriotic icon like Captain America?
Something of a genie was let out of the bottle last week, when alt-right guru Richard Spencer was sucker-punched while giving a video interview during the Trump inauguration. Immediately, the call from the radical left was, "it's always okay to punch a Nazi." Not far behind was the reaction from the more "moderate" left, saying "I don't condone violence, but..."

The radical left (which includes, but is not exclusively, antifa thugs) has not only embraced violence -- actual, people-killing and people-maiming violence, not just mean words -- for years, but it's the "moderate" left that has been enabling it, mostly through spreading the myth that it is actually the racial right that is more violent.

Ah, that makes sense now
The real truth is, the radical left has taken over from the radical right in terms of widespread violence over the last fifty or so years. But you'd never know it, because the "moderate" left has perpetuated the myth that there are hundreds of thousands of KKK members in sheets literally marching through southern towns, burning churches and lynching blacks, and there are just as many actual, real-life Nazis who want to literally put Jews into ovens and put homosexuals in concentration camps.

The problem is that, not only are these grossly inaccurate caricatures (if there are more than a couple thousand actual KKK members and real Nazis in this country put together, not counting the various infiltrators from law enforcement and SJW groups, I would be surprised), but they serve to deflect from the very real problem that is violent mobs on the radical left.

I guarantee there were more violent left-wing rioters and thugs on the streets in Ferguson or Baltimore than there were participants in all the klan rallies since 1990. And that's counting the SJW and FBI contingents.

These are the people who are literally so unhinged by the fact that we now have a president who not only doesn't buy into their PC left-wing agenda, but actively pushes against it (and wins, so far) that they cannot control themselves and get into fist-fights with people with whom they disagree. And that's not some black-balaclava-wearing twentysomething. That's a noted Hollywood actor.

Or when ABC, one of the "big three" television networks in the US, in their first-ever President Trump interview, actually had the balls and bad taste to air a promo for a TV episode in which the President gets shot. During an interview with the (real) president. Whom they openly loathe.

Noted alt-right gay icon Milo Yiannopoulos highlighted the discontinuity recently at an event where not only was he directly threatened, but all of the members of his audience were as well, directly, via email:
“Put it this way… No member of a SWAT team will have to learn special tactics to deal with me, unlike the Antifa communist bozos,” he concluded, before joking “Well, they might learn special tactics if they are hot young black officers, but that is a completely separate issue.”
But the biggest problem here is that the left, and now not so much just the "radical" left, but the left in general (It is, admittedly, getting harder to distinguish between the two), has taken to labeling anyone who disagrees with them, or anyone who's to the left of Rahm "twinkletoes" Emmanuel.

Just let that sink in, and do the math. When you have:

"It's always okay to punch a Nazi"


"Anyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi"


Anyone want to complete that equation?

That's what we're coming to. A situation on the streets where one side who just lost an election feels morally justified in outright violence against the winning side, because the winning side is inherently morally inferior and cannot be "permitted" to exercise its agenda. They're already psychologically inclined towards authoritarianism and psychoticism. Now they're moving on from autistic "I didn't get my way" screeching to physically lashing out at their enemies. Moving on from "just" assassinating police officers to assaulting ordinary people.

We may have won the election, but I think we're going to see a lot of violence in the streets in coming years. It'll start from the radical left, without doubt. It already has.

But soon their targets will start punching back.

And seriously, doesn't that make a certain amount of sense, given the left's own logic? After all, if it's okay to punch Nazis because their some sort of indescribably awful threat to humanity, even though they're just talking, shouldn't it be okay to punch communists? After all, they killed ten times as many people as Nazis ever did. Doesn't that make them even more of a legitimate target?


  1. I am a moderate Liberal, Jon, and I agree with you. I don't like anyone's violence. It immediately negates their arguments. I am totally disgusted with both ends of the extreme political spectrum. They don't have anything useful to say; therefore, they should keep their mouths closed. But they don't. They spew forth their vile acid on anything and everything. As Diogenes would say: ARE there ANY honest people left?

  2. Realizing this hypocrisy doesn't do anything to stop it....this has been a gathering ball that has been getting bigger since the 60's. Punching a National Socialist is just there current hype game to garner attention. They have been pushing for open violence on White people for decades now and they finally have a media and education system that supports them. So in truth I don't think it even matters if you differ in opinion....If you're White then your a racist/Nazi and if your White and you prostrate yourself before them then you can get behind the wave and be an ally in the war against your fellow people.

  3. The historical fact is that the KKK were all Democrats and thus from the political left. The NAZIs, and fascists were also from the left of the political spectrum. At the end of World War Two, the left had a huge public relations problem. The most deadly war in history had been between various left-leaning political factions. To solve this problem, Theodore Adorno of the Frankfurt School, beginning in 1948, started the false meme that the NAZIs and fascist were 'right-wing authoritarians.' There has never been any evidence, fact or reason to support this false assertion. It is all just another big lie of the left.