Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Best of the Blog, 2016

As 2016 winds down to a close, I thought I'd do one of those rituals that many websites and blogs indulge in; a retrospective of the highlights from the year that's passed.

As there are two ways to measure such things, I will present two lists. Since there are two of them, I'm only going to do a "top five" in each category.

First, the objective "most popular this year" list, based on pageviews:

5. Finding folkishness in all the wrong places. Whoops! Turns out those people supporting the Standing Rock Sioux were supporting a tribe that requires proof of blood relation to join, and incidentally practice their tribal religion. That's awkward...

4. The war is forced upon us. A response to the effort to "deplatform" folkish Asatru, from the AFA to my own tribe.

3. An open letter to an open letter to Jim Lyngvild. A pretty liberal Heathen in Denmark got some heat because of some of his opinions, because he's not liberal enough. I assay some commentary of my own.

2. The Troth just officially threatened the careers of all AFA military members. Just what it says on the tin. And I didn't like their little attempt at intimidation. Not. One. Bit.

1. Stop giving my religion a bad name. This one got more hits than anything else, because it got picked up and shared by a lot of people (thanks!). I come out against SJW-wannabes trying to tell the world what Asatru "really is."

~ ~ ~

And now we have my own list of the top five posts. These are the ones I'm most proud of personally.

5. A paucity of celebrations. I'm honestly proud of all of the Make Yule Great Again series, but this one stands out because of the association I make between Krampusnacht and the myth of the laming of Thor's goats.

4. You can take your umbrella and... The neopagans just can't seem to get it through their thick skulls that not only isn't Asatru part of their umbrella, but we don't want to be part of their umbrella.

3. You're doing it wrong. I respond to an outsider who thinks he knows what's best for Asatru. I respectfully disagree in the tactful and genteel manner for which I am justly famed. Ahem.

2. Over the rainbow, part two: the folkish trajectory. Why does folkish Asatru seem to be growing a lot faster than other forms, despite their much louder mouths? Where an SJW asks the question pearl-clutchingly, I give a straightforward answer.

And for my #1 favorite post of 2016, we have a tie, ladies and gentlemen!

First there's Who's Hijacking Who? which lays out the history of early Asatru in North America, and lays bare the lie that folkish Asatru is somehow "hijacking" what started out as a universalist religion. The reality is quite the reverse.

And my other choice for #1 post is Of Rape and Racism. We kicked off the year with a firestorm about Steve McNallen's offhand remark saying that Germany needs to protect itself after the wave of mass rapes perpetrated by Muslim immigrants and "refugees" on New Year's Eve 2015. You wouldn't think that "we need to prevent rape" would somehow be turned into a bad thing, but there's no telling how an SJW's warped mind works.

So that's what I've got. What are your favorites from this year? Chime in, in the comments, and thanks for all your support this year. It's really appreciated!

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