Thursday, November 10, 2016

So... democracy

The last 48 hours have been quite extraordinary, here in America, to say the least.

We've seen the repudiation not only of Hillary Clinton by those who opposed her, who was about as flawed a candidate as the Democrat party could have ever chosen, but also of the democratic process itself by her supporters, when her opponent, Donald Trump, ended up winning the election against almost all predictions.

I switched my own prediction of a Trump loss to a Trump victory a couple of weeks ago, based on seeing that the polls were predicting a 6-8% higher Democrat turnout than Republican, which I could tell from the enthusiasm gap (evinced by the relative turnout in their rallies), but even I didn't think that there would be a higher Republican turnout than a Democrat turnout, for the first time since Reagan. But it happened, and Trump won a convincing 306 votes in the electoral college, as of this writing.

But what's really amazing is the fact that a sizable number of Hillary supporters (or perhaps anti-Trump supporters) are flat-out refusing to accept the results of a democratic election. People are quite literally rioting in the streets, students are demanding to be excused from university and even high school obligations, just because the candidate they preferred didn't win an open election.

Think about that for a moment.

These are the people who just a week ago were freaking out because Trump said he'd accept the results of the election if it was free of shenanigans (or, humorously, if he won despite the shenanigans). And shenanigans there were; voter fraud, zombie voters, and all the usual Democrat tricks they've used for decades to undermine our democracy.

The paragons of tolerance at work
And now that they've lost, they have no way to cope. They literally cannot process the fact that the candidate they prefer didn't win. And they have no way of expressing that rage and bafflement other than rioting, death threats, destruction of property, and hiding in their "safe spaces." You'd think Trump had staged some sort of military coup.

You know what? When Obama was elected in 2008, and especially when he won re-election in 2012, some conservatives felt exactly the same way. The end of the Republic was at hand. Obama was going to confiscate everyone's guns, throw dissenters into FEMA detention camps, and use his paramilitary army to establish himself as a dictator.

Sound familiar?

And they took to social media, and posted all kinds of weird and wild memes and conspiracy theories, and gradually melted away when the apocalypse didn't happen. But what they did not do was riot, make death threats, destroy property, commit assault and arson, and generally carry on like spoiled children. They voiced their displeasure and allowed the nation to carry on its business as the mechanism of democracy spun on.

These current anti-democracy protesters (and let us not kid ourselves, when you protest the outcome of a fair election, that's exactly what you are protesting against) are people who have been fed a diet of vitriol and bile for at least two, and arguably closer to ten, years. They believe that those who disagree with them on issues of politics are either willfully lying about their motives, or are ignoramuses who have been duped by sinister figures who are willfully lying about their motives.

And they are festooned with labels like racist, fascist, misogynist, homophobe, transphobe, and on and on and on. So naturally, when these snowflakes are clued into the fact, like running into a brick wall, that there are people out there, a lot of people in a lot of states, that don't agree with them, the only possible option available to their mental model is that evil has won.

They literally cannot conceive of the possibility that maybe the people who voted for the other guy aren't racists, facists, misogynists, homophobes, transphobes, and on and on. That maybe they'd been fed a distorted view of the facts by a politically-driven media echo chamber that had a vested interest in literally brainwashing them.

So that's what we've seen yesterday, and tonight, and doubtless for a while to come. People are literally protesting against democracy itself, because they love it when their side wins, but are so brittle and self-absorbed that any outcome that they don't agree with is automatically illegitimate by definition, simply because they disagree with it.

The Republic didn't come to an end when Obama won a second term. It's not going to come to an end because Trump won a first term. People need to get the fuck over themselves and realize that living in a democracy sometimes means you don't get your way.

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