Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Stop giving my religion a bad name

I am fed up.

I'm sick to death of a bunch of extremist whackos giving my religion a bad name.

Mine is a noble religion that has roots that are thousands of years old. My ancestors valued honor, and courage, and manliness, and motherhood. My ancestors saw people who slandered their enemies with whispered campaigns as wretches worthy of contempt. They worshiped gods that responded to insults with combat. My religion teaches that we are literally descended from the gods, and hold within us a divine spark that comes from Odin, or Rig, or Freyr, and that spark grants us a connection to those gods that people without that spark simply do not possess. My religion teaches that certain beings are friends of men, and worthy of worship, and others are our enemies, and are not.

But today there is a group of fanatic extremists who are bent on hijacking my religion. They twist and warp the very weft and weave of my faith, and present a version to the public that is a distorted reflection of the truth, as if it was seen in a fun-house mirror.

These valueless wretches say that it's perfectly all right to honor and worship to the very same beings who will attack and slay the gods at Ragnarok.

These worthless curs deny the existence of my Folk as an entity, saying that having an ancestral connection to the gods is meaningless.

These self-hating slaves say that the very Folk that gave birth to our faith isn't worth preserving, and is in fact the cause of all the ills of the world.

These rudderless weaklings align Asatru with the neopagan movement, making it just another "flavor" of Wicca, Druidry, and Unitarianism, rather than a vibrant and self-confident faith unto itself.

These cowardly villains are so afraid of the truth of our religion that they engage in whispering campaigns to deny us a chance to practice or tell others about our religion in peace.

These loathsome fools insist that men being manly and women being womanly is somehow wrong, as if men and women were indistinguishable and interchangeable widgets in some machine.

All this and much more besides they continuously bleat out for the public to hear, and through repetition of the lie, they succeed. They try to convince others that their totalitarian, insecure, and self-serving ideology is somehow the real face of Asatru. Even worse, they are unrelenting in spreading the lie that those of us who believe in our Folk, descended from the gods and which values masculinity and femininity, and who choose not to honor the enemies of the gods, are somehow motivated by hate of others, rather than love of ourselves.

They are the ones distorting and hijacking our noble faith. They are the ones spreading lies and distortions, and pretending to be the public face of our faith. They are the ones giving our religion a bad name, by trying to turn it into something it is not.

They are wrong, they are the minority, they are the extremist whackos, and they will not succeed.


  1. Thank you so much for this. I am so tired of people who think we have to apologize for ourselves. We have energy right to stand proud and nothing to apologize for.

  2. Excellent column! I'm sick and tired of these arrogant SJW's and cultural Marxists defining my ancestral faith! They're losing this fight and they know it. Their numbers are dwindling and they've already begun to fight among themselves. They'll eventually end up cannibalizing each other in the name of political correctness.

  3. Even under modernist United Nations law every creed/race/culture has an inalienable right to self-determination and a place under the sun to practice it, unhindered by all who seek otherwise. It is in Article 2 of the UN Genocide Convention. So just as the cultural marxists and pro-multiculturalism gang are destroying all races and cultures, we are trying to preserve it. The true diversity of the world, in it;s own place is a beauty to behold.

  4. Thank you for writing this and sharing this. Blessings to you and your family.

  5. I suppose the irony that you conflate tumblr denizens with the Troth as "Them" is no different than your complaint that "They" conflate the AFA with the Stormfront crowd escaped you entirely?

    1. I see one tumbler link up there, so your asinine statement is just that, asinine.

    2. Really? You think that Loki worship is only promoted on Tumblr? Talk about asinine...

      But fear not. I have replaced the offending link with a non-Tumblr link, so you will be safe from the awful Lokeans on Tumblr, and read a book promoting Loki-worship written by the Warder of the Lore of the Troth.


  6. More and more by the day, I see the blood memory awakening in our Folk. Soon this universalist view will be but a joke.

  7. I just finished reading the last link by Wayland Skallagrimsson.

    Approaching one's Folkways is unfortunately a controversy in these times but I will tell you all races that adhere to their Folkways understand the sacred quality of race, history and that to be most truthful about it, we most be honest that the lore we use is formed of a race of people. This could be Judaism, Voodoo Folk systems, Native American, Latin, Celtic, African and on and on. Wayland Skallagrimsson clearly is trying to stamp these qualities out of our Folk way, and his article just doesn't solidify his argument. He is rationalizing to avoid the pain of controversy.

    I will let Bokor Leonard of a Haitian Voodoo Folkway voice how he sees the white race, when it approaches his ancestral ways. It is not racism to protect the honesty of the systems, it is just a simple truth when approaching or re-approaching anything 'ancestral'. Warning Leonard is angry in his approach, but underneath his anger for white people I can see the truth he is protecting:

    on Judaism:
    "In some cases, a person may forgo a formal conversion to Judaism and adopt some or all beliefs and practices of Judaism. However, without a formal conversion, many highly observant Jews will reject a convert's Jewish status. There are some groups that have adopted Jewish customs and practices."

    On non natives trying to join Native American Faiths:
    "Now, non-Natives don't realize or don't want to accept that they don't share our ancestry and therefore, they've been "excluded from the will", you might want to say. You cannot inherit a legacy that does not belong to your family. "

    And remember Zoroastrians are so protective of their ways that they may be extinct in the near future.

    So Wayland Skallagrimsson is another in what seems to be a longer line of people not interested in protecting a reality. Rather accommodate to avoid controversy.

  8. I do not follow any religion but the values of this religion becomes more and more appealing your religion is not killing any one nore pushing it down my throat you stand tall in a world of fanatics brother

  9. Unrelenting lie. LoL
    Pay no attention to the facts behind the curtain...
    I swear, somebody could tell y'all the sky was blue and you'd cry about how when YOU INVENTED IT it was purple.

    1. By all means, lay out your "facts." I have, with sources, here: http://jonupsalsgarden.blogspot.com/2016/02/whos-hijacking-who.html

      But you go right on thinking that unis invented Asatru in the US. And I'll go right on proving that it was otherwise.

  10. Because Argument from Tradition and the 1st version of something is always the best or most efficient one.
    How's that Model-T's milage working out for ya?

    1. Carburation technology that yields 80+ mpg was known over 100 years ago. Cars that were built back then would outlast the plastic junk that is made today.
      The history of Odinism in the 20th century does not begin with the AFA. Else Christensen and Alexander Rud Mills preceded them. If you do some research you will find that Odinism never really went away at all but rather went underground. The tradition sustained despite the supressive efforts that were not unlike those against the automotive technology.
      Hetrosexuality and the protection and promotion of one's own kind is simply a matter of living according to Natural Law, plain and simple. Asatru is the natural religion of European Folk. Homosexuality and inclusive Heathenry is against Natural Law and against thousands of years of tradition. Get over it.