Saturday, September 3, 2016

The war is forced upon us

There has been a simmering conflict between two factions within American Heathenry (and, more recently, Heathenry in general) for many years. On one side we have the folkish, who believe that ancestry is relevant to Asatru. On the other side, we have the universalists, who think that Asatru should be open to anyone, regardless of their ancestry.

Over the years, this conflict has simmered, sometimes boiling over, but most of the time kept at a low heat resulting in a sort of détente. The folkish kept to themselves, the universalists kept to themselves, and the barb-throwing was relatively minimal and exclusively online.

But recently, that has changed. The coincidence of this change with the general uptick in SJW assaults on their perceived enemies is self-evident, and the boldness of the SJW's in attacking their enemies is certainly not limited to the Asatru community. What we're seeing is just a symptom of the larger sickness in which SJW's demand people with differing opinions be silenced, their lives ruined, and in some cases advocate for actual violence against people with whom they disagree.

So it should come as little surprise that the phenomenon of "deplatforming," in which venues hosting events by SJW's enemies are harassed and intimidated into cancelling the events, came to Asatru. That happened yesterday, when (the ironically named) Camp Courage cancelled a contract with the Asatru Folk Assembly in the face of repeated harassing phone calls.

Now, I realize that not all universalist Asatruar condone this sort of behavior, but the "live and let live" portion of the universalist side has been dragged into the conflict by virtue of the fact that the radicals, acting in their name, have drawn blood. Their inaction in policing their own side, their failure in condemning those radicals whose intolerance goes as far as wanting to destroy lives and incite violence, has allowed the radicals to speak for them.

So the AFA was unable to use Camp Courage for its Fallfest event in Minnesota. That was a mistake.

Over the years, the folkish side of Asatru has tried to keep to itself. And especially given the recent statement by the AFA leadership, this attitude of "we speak for ourselves, not for everyone" was particularly evident:
Today we are bombarded with confusion and messages contrary to the values of our ancestors and our folk. The AFA would like to make it clear that we believe gender is not a social construct, it is a beautiful gift from the holy powers and from our ancestors. The AFA celebrates our feminine ladies, our masculine gentlemen and, above all, our beautiful white children. The children of the folk are our shining future and the legacy of all those men and women of our people back to the beginning. Hail the AFA families, now and always!
Matt Flavel
Alsherjargothi, AFA
Note the use of the terms that I've highlighted above; "we believe", "the AFA celebrates." Nowhere in there is any imprecation that all Asatruar must believe these things. They are policy statements of an organization, applicable to the organization as a whole (and not necessarily binding on all its members, I might add).

But that's not good enough for the radical regressive left. They are totalitarians, and nothing less. Not only can they not stand the fact that people disagree with them, they have to take steps to destroy those people. Make no mistake; if these radical regressive leftists had their way, every AFA member would be fired from their job, have their children taken away by the government, and be tossed out of their home. Literally. That's the mentality we are dealing with, and it's past time we respond.

Of course, it's somewhat more difficult because of the fact that the regressive leftists don't really do much in the real world. Most of their energy is spent cowering behind their keyboards and making anonymous phone calls to campgrounds. You can't disrupt someone's events if they never have any (anti-government riots with people wearing Guy Fawkes masks don't count as "events"). So that's not an option.

But our best weapon? Success.

That's what it ultimately comes down to. That's really why they hate us; jealousy. They see the AFA with a third more members than the Troth. They see the AFA raising funds to buy facilities. They see the AFA with multiple regional gatherings each year. They see the AFA growing, and growing, and growing. And the Troth can't even raise funds to send two people to some useless frou-frou conference.

And they can't stand it.

They keep putting forth the canard that universalism is the "mainstream" within Asatru, but the numbers just don't support it. It's obviously impossible to count the non-joiners, but the Troth has around 500 members, and the AFA has around 700. That's the only real data point out there in terms of US Asatru. And there's no reason to think those numbers don't translate into the non-joiners. The folkish were here first, and we remain the largest faction within Heathenry. And we should keep reminding everyone of that fact. It's the unis who are the fringe. They're the ones who are the radicals. Folkish Asatru is mainstream Asatru.

So keep putting on events. Keep doing outreach. Keep performing ritual, doing meetups, and pub moots, and lore studies, and Asatru 101 classes, and rune workshops, and form kindreds and tribes and fellowships, invite your brother-in-law who's into Norse mythology, talk to that guy in the supermarket who you see is wearing a hammer necklace, keep having beautiful white babies who will grow up into beautiful Asatruar, keep studying the lore, keep writing new kinds of rituals, hold sacral dramas, write and perform plays, play music, learn runes, learn seidr, learn trolldomr, and all the rest.

Help folkish Asatru grow. That will infuriate them even more.

But it's not the only arrow in our quiver. More to come.

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  1. You're barking up the wrong tree, Joseph. It was an "antifa" group in Minneapolis, not Heathens of any stripe. Links to their "operation" and bragging are here: