Monday, September 5, 2016

The Folkish Scare

It should come as no surprise to people in the Asatru community that the most totalitarian impulses come from the regressive Left. They have initiated campaigns to silence those with whom they disagree by targeting the venues at which they are speaking, or appearing, or gathering. They don't scruple against breaking the law by phoning in phony bomb threats, pulling false fire alarms in hotels, or calling venues demanding that they cancel previously-contracted events.

They are thugs and bullies, such fragile little snowflakes that they cannot even stand the idea that their perceived enemies have a place where they can exercise their freedom of speech. This phenomenon is called de-platforming, and it's become a hallmark of the regressive left.

Well, they are now starting to try it against us. You've heard of the Red Scare from the 50's? Welcome to the "Folkish Scare."

The first incident of which I am aware is when the AFA's Midwest Fallfest event was on the receiving end of some antifa scum campaign to call the campground at which they were scheduled to hold the event and get them to cancel the contract:

Of course, the notion that the AFA is a "white nationalist pagan organization" is complete bullshit. They're not pagan at all. They're Asatru, which is a completely different thing. Oh, and they have a history going back forty years of getting rid of real racists from their midst. But why let facts get in the way of a good McCarthyite persecution?

But heavens! The AFA wants to "protect and promote northern European ethnic culture!" You'd almost think that was something bad. It seems to be fine when it's some other ethnic culture, like black, or Hispanic, or whatever. But consistency was never a hallmark of the radical regressive left.

The ill-named "Camp Courage" did indeed cancel the contract. But as it turns out, their pathetic Twitter campaign was all for naught, as the gods were with the AFA, and the event found another venue in short order, and was by all reports a huge success. So...

Now, some people have made the claim that this isn't a Heathen thing. These are just some antifa people, who have nothing to do with good, upstanding, universalist Heathens, who wish no harm to anyone. Doubtless they just caught wind of the AFA because of the horrible, racist, homophobic statement by the new Allsherjargodi, who said traditional families are good, and that white babies are good. Because, obviously, if you say that one thing is good, you're automatically saying that anything that isn't that thing is evil, and should be banned and wiped out. Sort of like "Black Lives Matter."

But now it's happened again, and a bit close to home for me. This past Sunday the Skylands Asatru Fellowship had an information table at a local Scandinavian Festival, and had a wonderful and successful time. We spoke to dozens of people about Asatru, got a lot of people for our mailing list, and generally spread the word that the worship of Odin and Thor isn't dead. And you know what? When we had non-white people come to our table, we didn't turn them away; we handed them the same flyers, and invited them to sign up to the same mailing list, as everyone else.

But today apparently the gydja of another kindred in New Jersey felt compelled to complain to the organizers of the festival about our presence:

Once I found out about it, I was understandably incensed. Not only is it literally filled with lies:
  • Skylands Asatru Fellowship is not "associated with the Asatru Folk Assembly". This is an outright lie.
  • We do not "exclude those who aren't white and heterosexual" (in fact, we have at least one member who is "out", and she happens to be my daughter). This is an outright lie.
  • Nobody we spoke with was "upset" about the fact that we were folkish. In fact, most of the people we spoke to were quite receptive and in agreement with what we were saying. 
  • This statement meets the definition of defamation; it was published, it is false, it attempts to inflict injury upon our organization, and it is certainly unprivileged. 
And the best part? She is the official Troth Steward for New Jersey. Yes. An official of the Troth is calling for the de-platforming of groups she disagrees with.

But it is an attempt to continue the regressive left tactic of de-platforming individuals and groups with which they disagree. They paint their actions in pretty words, but it all comes down to "I disagree with you, and don't think you should have a right to believe or say what you do, so I will do whatever I can to prevent you from being heard."

And that is not only vile in the extreme, but evidence that they know they're losing the battle. They've been trying for twenty years to destroy folkish Asatru, and failed. And now that they see that they can't win in an even marketplace of ideas, they resort to silencing the opposition. It is the last refuge of a totalitarian.


  1. So will you be allowed to have a table at the next event?

  2. It's one thing to not agree with another Asatru group, and quite another to actively seek to destroy them. That's crossing a huge line and borders on slander. I wonder if the AFA has ever considered legal proceedings against those who seek to defame?

  3. Have you see "Declaration 127 dot com?"

    1. Yup. A bunch of do-nothing blogs and internet groups who weren't friends of the AFA in the first place, virtue signalling to one another. Yawn.

    2. I have recently left the Troth due to this very sort of thing. I said on my personal facebook page and instantly I was told that I was wrong although I have seen with my own eyes that people are joining the Troth because of the lies they are spreading. They are attacking their own which disgusts me and deliberately confusing 'folkish' with racist in an attempt to defame and slander the AFA. I called them out on it and I was told that I have no idea what 'racist' means after 25 years of advocacy in civil rights. These people are adamant about their perceived 'rightness' and care nothing for their brothers or sisters outside of their belief system. If you ever want to sue them simply ask for a full disclosure of their facebook page. Even though they can delete it, facebook itself has a record of it.