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He just screams "nice guy I'd like
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The gift that keeps on giving known as G&R laid their priorities bare the other day with a post by Wayne Martin Mellinger entitled Nature Religions and Revolutionary Social Change: Advancing a Practical Theology for Spiritual Activism (he's got a PhD in sociology, so mind-numbingly convoluted titles to papers are second nature to him, no doubt). The title of his piece may look like it was written to grab a government grant, but the contents really reveal the true nature of what the people at G&R are trying to do. And wouldn't you know it, he's one of those Humanistic Pagans who doesn't believe in the existence of the gods. That explains a lot, particularly why he wants to put a political agenda ahead of Them.

I'll spare you all the Marxist academibabble, and go right to the conclusion.

"Modernity must be crushed..."

For someone who goes on ad nauseum about how he wants his revolution to be peaceful and done through the democratic process (which would make it more of a... vote than a revolution, just sayin'), that's pretty aggressive language. Crushed? Damn, son. That's harsh for a hippy-dippy greenie weenie like you. 

In fact, you know who pretty much embodied modernity at the time? Marx:

From a slideshow on the history of sociology, of all things. 

And "modernity"? A revolt against modernity is the hallmark of the New Right in Europe. What do you think Julius Evola was referring to when he called his movement "radical traditionalism"? He was revolting against modernity!

In fact, this whole piece has a lot of parallels to Evola's "Metaphysics of War", which examined precisely the problem of how to integrate a religious sensibility - a loyalty to a higher purpose - into his war against modernity. An odd dichotomy coming from a leftist like Mellinger. 

Quick, Rhyd! I think you've got another New Right infiltrator on your hands! Time for a purge!

 But let us continue.

And here we have the heart of the problem. Mellinger lays out the mission of G&R perfectly; "...what religion brings to the table for revolutionaries..."

He's not interested in religion per se. He's interested in what he can wring out of religion to make it serve his real interest. His revolution. His deep ecology. His climate change agenda.

He doesn't care about the gods, except inasmuch as he can get something out of them, and their followers, to advance his true agenda. His revolution.

And that, in a nutshell, is what bothers so many people about G&R, and their ever-spreading tentacles in the neopagan blogosophere of the Wild Hunt and Pathetic Pagan. A lot of people have had the intuitive feeling that there's an ulterior motive at work here. That they really don't care about the gods, or neopaganism, or Heathenry, or religion in general. That they have some other agenda in mind, and are simply being coy about it. That they were practicing the very sort of infiltration that Rhyd accused the New Right of doing in neopaganism.

Well, Mellinger just ripped the coy veil away, and shown the ugly, Marxist reality underneath. Don't let them fool you. They're not about the gods, or the religion. Everything is just grist for their revolutionary mill. They'll infiltrate every organization, every movement, every gathering of three people, and try to turn it to their real purpose. Their precious revolution.

That's why they push back so hard when people stand up to them, and make the incredible suggestion that they'd rather follow their gods, and practice their religion, than use either in the service of some political agenda. They literally cannot understand such a thing; everything they do is motivated by their politics. Everything is politics to them, including, especially, religion. They are baffled when people have a different priority, and assume that it must mean they're part of some New Right counter-revolutionary infiltration designed to counter their own.

They can't understand that some of us just want to practice our religion, and worship our gods, and listen to the spirits, and will put that ahead of what some mutton-headed revolutionary says should be our real priority.

The Gods are my priority. My Folk and family are my priority. My Faith is my priority. You can take your revolutionary politics and shove them. My Gods take precedence.

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