Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Virginia White Supremacist Sentenced

There's another follow-up to the case of the Virginia white supremacists, some of whom professed to follow "a white supremacy version of the Asatru faith", and who reportedly were caught trying to buy weapons illegally (among other things) and planning to attack synagogues last November (see here and here).

Apparently one of them has just been sentenced to between 14 and 17 1/2 years, after pleading guilty to robbery, conspiracy, and possession of firearms as a convicted felon. What makes this relevant to Asatru is his apparent connection to our religion:
A sentencing memorandum filed by Doyle’s lawyer says that Doyle “embraced” the Asatru faith, a pagan religion practiced by some white supremacists, while a Virginia prison inmate. He was released from prison in 2013, continued his association with the religion and was successfully employed until his arrest last year. ... 
“While he was incarcerated, Mr. Doyle began his participation in the Asatru religious ceremonies and committed himself to a pure life, clean of all drugs. He began to study and learned to value family above all. He emerged from prison clean and sober and committed to work and family values,” wrote Maguire [his public defender].
No word yet on what sort of "pure life" includes attacking innocent people. People like this, real violent racists, real white supremacists, makes our work as folkish Heathens all the more difficult, because of the false associations many people make between us and them.

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