Monday, May 9, 2016

Quote Mining

So today Chris "the Fearful Warrior" Thompson (aka Gilbride) over at G&R decided to quote-mine one of Lucius Svartulf Helsen's posts, and milk a single sentence taken entirely out of context for some sympathy.

Let's see what happens when we do the same to the Fearful Warrior?

  • Gods and Radicals writers are part of a Marxist conspiracy to destroy polytheism
  • In person, I tend to be assertive – at my worst, I tend to be arrogant
  • There is a long tradition of antifascist streetfighting, going back to the decades before the Second World War
  • Many groups take an aggressive approach to antifascist action
  • I pay attention only to right and wrong and I consider the law to be irrelevant
  • Our struggle against capitalism can be seen as a war
  • A warrior is a person who engages in conflict with the goal of achieving victory
  • Our long-term goal is to contribute to a revolutionary transformation of society
  • Whenever you are in the warrior role, you will be most effective if you adopt a martial mindset
  • Antifascist streetfighters obviously expect to fight fascists in the literal sense, so they need to train in practical fighting techniques to do what they do effectively
  • Ends define means
  • Never stop fighting until the struggle is over
  • Whatever strength we possess, let us use it only to resist
  • When I was growing up, violence was an absolutely normal part of my daily life
  • The last thing I am ever going to give you is a fair fight
  • As a young man in the hardcore punk scene in the 1990s I saw a lot of violence

Mm-hmm. Taken out of context, even the most benign statements can be made to look like a violent zealot. Just like he did to Lucius Helsen in his G&R piece today.

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