Monday, May 2, 2016

Power Doesn't Matter

One of the "great truths" of the political left is that minorities are incapable of committing the sins of which whites are regularly charged with committing; racism and cultural appropriation, because differences in power are required to commit them. But this is a lie. Specifically, it's a lie created and perpetuated with the sole purpose of demonizing whites, whether out of self-loathing (in the case of whites who profess this attitude) or jealousy and greed (in the case of minorities who use it to get things as "reparations"). There are several reason why this construction is untrue.

First and foremost, power is relative. While it may be the case that whites exercise a relative cultural and political hegemony in the West (albeit one that is declining steadily), it is by far not the case in places such as Africa, Central and South America, the Middle East, or Asia. If institutional power is required in order to be racist, then the white farmers in Zimbabwe are most certainly the victims of racism, having been forced to give their farmland to the government starting in 2000, and being murdered in droves. The situation is arguably worse in post-apartheid South Africa. And yet the Left will vigorously protest such a label, because whites can never be the victims of racism, only the perpetrators. There are many other examples.

You tell them they're weak.
Secondly, power is situational. Even in a nation or a culture with a predominant white majority, belonging to that majority is no ticket to preferential treatment on a small scale. Power dynamics do not only operate on a national or cultural level; a pair of white kids walking through a black neighborhood most definitely do not possess any sort of inherent power relative to the blacks, but yet the left would still have us believe that they have some sort of power simply by virtue of their race. In point of fact, they don't, and indeed often face violence and bullying specifically because of their race, because the left has conditioned blacks to believe whites in general are responsible for all their woes. When the head of the New Black Panther Party calls for whites to be murdered simply because they're white, he's doing so from a position of power and a position of being able to intimidate his foes, not a position of weakness.

Third, power is transferable. To take the obvious example of police violence against blacks, the police in America are most definitely instruments of the state, and thus the left deems them inherently racist. But this ignores the fact that a good number of police are themselves members of racial minorities. Indeed, three out of the six police officers indicted in the death of Freddy Gray were black. But the left still somehow clings to the idea that there is some sort of white police vendetta against unarmed young black men.

The next time someone bleats about racism or cultural appropriation only being possible if one is in a position of power, remember that it's never that simple. Hate is hate, and no amount of clever linguistic gymnastics are going to change that fact. Blacks can be racist towards whites, Arabs can be racist towards blacks, and on and on and on. To deny that fact is to indulge in a relativist fallacy, is the product of political maneuvering in order to vilify whites and shield blacks and other minorities, and should be avoided and vigorously fought against wherever it rears its head.

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