Saturday, May 7, 2016

Leading from Behind

Not Christopher Thompson. He'd never sully his hands
with, you know, actions.
So, over at G&R, one Christopher Scott Thompson (aka "Gilbride") recently wrote an article entitled Strong toward the powerful: a warrior path for radical pagans. In it, not only did he explicitly state that he himself is above the sort of militant force that is advocated in the article ("I have made a personal commitment to fight only in self-defense or in direct defense of another person."), but then proceeds to lecture others on how to do so.

So, right off the bat we have an armchair warrior telling others how to do it. He won't get his own hands bloody in the struggle (because it's against his higher principles, dontchaknow), but he's happy to pat you on the back and recite a rousing speech as he shoves you out the door to get your own head beat in. Dirt, blood, and sweat are for the foot soldiers of the Glorious Revolution. The poets and leaders must direct and inspire the violence from afar. Such is the burden of leadership, I suppose.

So when Lucius Svartwulf Helsen posted a masterful four-part take-down of Thompson's screed, there was bound to be some reaction, but I don't think anyone could have imagined the reaction that actually happened. Specifically, Thompson posted a list of principles that apply to his vision of what warriors should do for him:
13. Never stop fighting until the struggle is over.
To which Helsen replied:
Oh well, if you want a fight with no surrender, no quarter, and no mercy…Okay. I don’t think you know what that means, but at this point you’ve got a zealot’s bloodlust in your soul and none of us are going to be safe until you’re exterminated. By your own words. Just so you know, you did set the rules, not my fault if  you’re going to have to play by them later. If things actually get violent.
You'll note the final sentence in the paragraph. It's not a personal threat so much as a response to the original promise to "never stop fighting". Well, if that's your intention, then of course the fighting won't end until either your side or the other side is exterminated. As Helsen said, it's Thompson who set the rules; Helsen's just pointing out the obvious repercussions. But as every happens when armchair warriors face even the possibility that they'll be called on their tough talk, Thompson lost his shit.

First, Thompson was all a-tremble on Facebook:

Yikes. Some racist scumball just used the phrase "none of us are going to be safe until you're exterminated" in his four-part blog about how much he hates me. Guess I'd better make sure the doors are locked every night.
What a pussy. Someone calls him on his bullshit on the Internet and all of a sudden he's on Facebook looking for sympathy? But it gets better.

He's also trying to silence and intimidate anyone who even posts a link to Helsen's blog. Galina Krasskova received a letter from Mr. Thompson regarding her "promotion" of Helsen's blog, which she thoughtfully posted on her own blog:

“Galina, this is Chris Thompson. I know you don’t have any respect for me or my work, but I’m contacting you because you are promoting Son of Hel’s posts about me. His new post this morning includes the line “none of us are going to be safe until you’re exterminated.” I consider this a direct threat to my life and I intend to take appropriate precautions. I’m quite sure this blowhard won’t do anything himself, but if his words reach some lunatic in my local area they might act on his threats. If you continue to promote this series, I will consider you responsible personally for endangering my safety and the safety of my family. I have two little girls and I am their primary caregiver. If anyone comes after me because of this, the responsibility of it is on you, as this loser had basically no readership until you started sharing his posts. There is a line, and it has just been crossed.” 
The striking thing here is the complete abdication of any sort of accountability. Nothing is ever his fault. He writes a whole article about how other people should physically fight to support his cause (while he stays safely behind), but when one of his statements is taken to its logical conclusion, then it's someone else's fault. Not his, certainly. Not even the guy who drew the conclusion. No, it's the fault of someone else who had the audacity to post a link to that conclusion!

The level of moral cowardice at work here is simply staggering. He seems almost pathologically incapable of taking responsibility for his words and his actions. He writes nearly 4,000 words on how his followers should use violence to advance their cause, but cops out himself and says he'll only use violence in self-defense. Someone takes what he wrote to its logical conclusion, and he not only accuses them of making some sort of personal threat, but then turns around and blames someone who posted a link!

His ancestors must be so proud of having a coward like that representing them today.

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