Monday, March 28, 2016

Marxism is Worse than Racism

Many on the political left hurl about epithets like "racist" as the sort of ultimate conversation-halting label. Once you're a racist, to them, there's nothing left to say, because to them there's nothing worse.

Trouble is, while of course racism is bad, there are indeed worse things. Like Marxism.

Marxist atrocity
People have absolutely been killed in the name of racial genocide, particularly in the 20th century. No denying it. Between the National Socialists in Germany, the Japanese in Nanking, the Turks in Armenia, Bosnia, Rowanda, Sudan (note that it ain't just white folks killing people whose ancestry they don't like), and others, the body count is very roughly twelve million*. Horrible, I know. 

Marxist hero (and racist - a two-fer!)
But that pales to insignificance next to the body count that Marxism has managed. Nearly one hundred million people over the last hundred years or so.

Let that sink in.

Nearly one hundred million people murdered by Marxist regimes

Now consider that the person leading the charge against the New Right's supposed "infiltration" of is himself a self-identified Marxist. This goober actually has the gall to condemn people for being "traditionalists", or just being on the political right, while he himself comes out and admits he supports a philosophy that was directly responsible for the murders of nearly a hundred million people.

Victims of Marxism
The self-righteous gall of someone like that is almost difficult to comprehend. That he can advocate a philosophy that has directly caused such carnage, and created such misery over the last hundred years, and then turn around and dare to say that people on the right are the real problem, seems almost psychopathic. The ability to simply dismiss the bloody history of his ideology bespeaks some sort of mental illness, to my mind. 

Especially when he gleefully tars people like Stephen McNallen (and presumably folkish Asatru in general) with the "racist" brush even though McNallen and the AFA explicitly say racists aren't welcome, to have an advocate for such a blood-soaked ideology opening his trap to impugn anyone defies incredulity. The fact that the neopagan and polytheist communities even allow him to claim that label is astounding.

Standing up to Marxist oppression
This guy doesn't deserve to criticize anyone else's beliefs. He's a self-confessed advocate for one of the single most bloody ideologies in history. Whenever he tries to disparage anyone else, just keep repeating...

Nearly a hundred million people.

Rhyd Wildermuth, Marxist

* That figure counts mid-range estimates of racially or ethnically motivated mass killings. 

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