Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Of course racism is bad. Duh!

There's been a whole lot of hullabaloo lately about racism in Asatru, most of it being spouted from the Usual Suspects. You know the type. They have a radical left-wing political agenda, they conflate everything they don't like into one big ball, and slap on the worst label they can possibly find, in hopes of utterly destroying those people on "the other side". They're petty tyrants, and they'll twist anything in any shape in order to make the people they don't like look bad. And the worst label around right now is the "racist" label, so that's what they use.

And in the process, they'll label "racist" those of us who actually are against the real racists. You know, the ones who actually believe that whites are the Aryan Master Race, and who want to finish the Holocaust, and who beat up or kill people just because they're not white. 

Who would want to be associated with those sorts? Nobody in their right mind. Certainly not those of us who call ourselves Folkish. There's a reason we use that label, and not "Aryan", or "National Socialist", or "Wotanist", or whatever. Because they're not the same.

It's because Folkish does not mean racist. And we don't like the real racists any more than anyone else does! We just know where to properly draw the line.

Let us examine the problem rationally (I know, I know... a radical concept for those who are "all about the feels", and "muh safe space" and such; fuck 'em).

Simple definition of RACISM
: poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race
: the belief that some races of people are better than others

That first quote, of course, is the dictionary definition of racism. It's also the definition that most normal, rational people share. There are some on the radical political Left who would like to extend and expand that definition (more on that later), but that's what it boils down to. Now compare it to this:

The belief that spirituality and ancestral heritage are related has nothing to do with notions of superiority. Asatru is not an excuse to look down on, much less to hate, members of any other race. On the contrary, we recognize the uniqueness and the value of all the different pieces that make up the human mosaic. (source
Sounds pretty anti-racist, according to that dictionary definition, right? Well, that comes from the Asatru Folk Assembly's Statement of Purpose, which all AFA members have to pledge that they agree with, in order to join the organization. And which some on the political left have recently accused of being "racist".

If they're trying to attract racists, saying "Asatru is not an excuse to... hate members of any other race" is a pretty piss-poor way of going about it.

So what explains this? Why do people keep saying that Folkish Asatru, or the Asatru Folk Assembly, or particular prominent Folkish leaders, are really racists?

Simple. They have a ludicrously warped definition of "racist" that they have deliberately concocted specifically to use to pummel people they disagree with (and themselves, but the intense self-loathing involved on the radical Left is a topic for another day). Because then we're put in a position of having to "prove a negative", which is by definition impossible. Which is exactly the point, according to them. They're not trying to be fair. They're trying to slap the "racist" label on as many people as they can, to ruin them and silence debate. 

And who's a racist, according to them? The list is as expansive as it is ridiculous:

Actual racists
But of course those definitions are bullshit. Normal people, who aren't part of the radical political Left, don't accept those ludicrously expansive definitions, and neither do folkish Asatruar. Because, well, we're normal. And not racist, by the normal definition. Which, you know, most folks use. Because we're normal.

And that's something that those on the radical political Left of Asatru just can't stand. That someone (most someones) actually disagrees with them, and won't roll over and say "sorry". So they set out to destroy those who disagree.

And what do folkish Asatruar do with real racists? The ones who keep going on about Hitler, and who have "88" conspicuously in their online profiles, and so forth? Simple. We shoulder them aside. We close the door on them. We call them "morons" and "whackaloons", and make it clear that they aren't us, and leave it at that. 

But you know what we don't do?

We don't go absolutely apeshit berserk about it, because we understand that most normal-thinking people understand that they're a niggling fringe. We don't think they "harm the reputation of Asatru" because they're such a vanishingly small minority that they can be ignored. If we gave them anything more than a passing "whatever, they're assholes", we'd be playing right into their hands, their desperate cries for attention, and, in some way, validation (often, the validation of the martyr, which just feeds into the conspiracy mindsets that so often besets them as it does their counterparts on the radical political Left). 

And that's exactly what the radical Left does! It pumps them up into some sort of ginormous threat that doesn't really exist. In reality, it's a few fringe-of-the-fringe whackos, but to hear the radical Left talk about it, there's a racist behind every tree (or inside every white person), mainly because they're so distorted the word "racist" that it could be used to describe just about anyone. And that's just not the case. 

We just ignore the racists for the most part and let them wander away muttering into their armbands and hoods, and if they do find their way in our midst, we show them the door. In fact, the AFA has already hung a big ol' sign on that door saying they're not welcome, as I mentioned above. For most of us, that's sufficient. We don't need to go on and on and on about a problem that is negligible. (Yes, there are more important things than racism in modern day America, no matter what "Black Lives Matter" might say. GASP!) 

So yes. I'm absolutely against racism. Real racism. As practiced by racists who want to beat up or kill or genuinely oppress people just because they belong to another race. The ones who venerate Hitler. And... the ones who venerate Farrakhan. And the ones who are Chicano Supremacists and speak of "reconquista" and "the race" (and it ain't the white race they're talking about). And the ones who advocate killing white people just because they're white. 

Because if you get too wound up calling everyone with whom you disagree a racist, you lose sight of the real racists, and then you're doing a disservice to the real victims of real racism. Violence. Murder. Legal discrimination. Terrorism. You know; real racism. "He told a joke that hurt my feelings" or "they wouldn't let me participate their ritual" doesn't count. 

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  1. Unfortunately, I think the statement put out by Flauvel was very poorly worded.