Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"So sorry", HUAR, but you're full of crap yet again

The image in question
Oh this is just too delicious.

The other day, Heathens United Against Racism (which by most reports is down to maybe one or two people desperately maintaining a Facebook page to try to retain a death-grip on relevance) posted yet another shot against Stephen McNallen. Their target? An image he posted, in conjunction with a Facebook post about not agreeing with the cult of "white guilt" being whipped up by certain folks on the political Left today:

"When we looked into the image the ONLY place it shows up in Google Image search is on Constitution Rising. The site itself offers no evidence it took place at PCC & the lack of additional sources verifying this casts further doubt on the accuracy of their claims."

Oh, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. Do you ever grow weary from the constant mud-slinging? The constant rage? The constant WRONGNESS?

Fact The First: Portland Community College is indeed holding a "Whiteness Privilege Month" in April 2016. As in, three months in the future. So, if Ryan Smith of HUAR thought that the image in the post actually happened at the event, he's just... an idiot. Or he has a TARDIS and has trouble with the whole past/future thing. I'm going to go with idiot on this one.

This did *not* happen three months from now
Of course, the image was just there to portray the general tone of the future event, that white people should abase themselves for the crime of... being white. That's enough, apparently, for some people to think they're guilty, even though they never owned black slaves, their ancestors never owned black slaves, and they themselves would be appalled at the very idea of owning black slaves*. But the point is that it's a real event, and it's really going to happen, and it's complete bullshit.

But that brings us to the second accusation, that:
"To put it bluntly, it is quite possible that this image was deliberately staged by Constitution Rising or someone connected to them."
Oh, Ryan, Ryan, Ryan. You need to reach out to your fellow "white guilt" peddlers on the Left more often. I thought you guys coordinated these sorts of things?

Get 'em while they're young. Disgusting.
Fact the Second: That image in fact comes from an event by an outfit called The Lifeline Expedition, which goes around celebrating the abolition of the slave trade in the UK (which was indeed a very good thing, because actual slavery was and remains abhorrent), called the "March of the Abolitionists", and which then goes around putting white people in chains, wearing shirts that say "I'm Sorry", and basically grovelling for something that they had absolutely nothing to do with in reality. In other words...

IT'S REAL. It wasn't "staged" by some right-wing cabal.

Don't believe me? They have pictures! Right on their website! From two of their events in Britain! Do those shirts look familiar? Do those poses? 

This makes up for injustices 400 years in the past... how?
And the actual picture that appeared in McNallen's post? That comes from an article in the Jamaica Gleaner about the Lifeline Expedition, which featured a black man COMPLAINING ABOUT THE STUNT they staged in Jamaica, calling it a "mockery" because he wanted reparations (i.e., money) instead of apologies. 

So, Ryan, the next time you want to smear someone's reputation, you might want to make sure you get your facts straight. Google Search? It took me all of two minutes to find the true origin of that photo. You're nothing but a hack, a one-trick pony who is so filled with rage at Stephen McNallen, the Asatru Folk Assembly, and folkish Heathenry in general that it's made you completely unbalanced. You are the poster child for FDS**.

I know my next words are going to be lost on you, Ryan, but I really do mean them.

It's okay to disagree with someone; it doesn't make them evil, even when they're not ashamed of their ancestry and you think they should be. It's okay to be white. It's okay to be proud to be white. It's okay to be Folkish. It doesn't make us evil. Just different.

And if you can't stand the idea that someone is different from you... what does that make you?

* Unlike modern-day Muslims, I am constrained to point out, but they don't count as "white", so SJW's like HUAR ignore it.

** Folkish Derangement Syndrome. A serious disease that afflicts a small portion of modern Heathenry, but our scientists are nearing a cure. You can help! Just join the AFA today!

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