Thursday, January 7, 2016

"Rape Culture" Feminist Hypocricy

Rape isn't a word. It's an act. Idiots on the Internet say rape. Muslims actually gang-rape people. If you complain about the former, but are silent on the latter, you are a horrible human being. 

In the German city of Cologne, on New Year's Eve, dozens of German women were raped by a rampaging mob of Muslim refugees. At least one taunted his victim, saying "I am Syrian. You have to treat me kindly. Mrs Merkel invited me." "Treat me kindly" is apparently a Syrian idiom for "let me rape you."

Scandinavia has become the rape capital of the world, and not coincidentally the statistics started their alarming and heart-breaking turn once those nations opened their door to Muslim immigrants and refugees. To take but one example, in Sweden, 77% of all rapes are committed by Muslim men, who represent 2% of the population.

This same pattern is repeated across Europe, and is what lies ahead for the United States, if we continue on our present course. And why?

Guess what? Those Muslim "refugees" aren't asking for
Because it's part of the Jihad. It's a conscious strategy to terrorize and ultimately conquer those countries stupid enough to let them in. They don't need guns or bombs. They have cocks. And they're not afraid to use them to put the fear of Allah into half the population of Europe. The female half. They know Europe is weak, and this is a way to demonstrate dominance. Like a male dog humping another to prove dominance. Yes, I just compared Muslim rapists to animals. Fuck you.

Rape isn't a word. It's an act. Idiots on the Internet say rape. Muslims actually gang-rape people. If you complain about the former, but are silent on the latter, you are a horrible human being.

But one must ask, where are the feminists? Where are the anti-rape activists? Why aren't my Twitter and Facebook feeds stuffed to the gills with outraged and anguished posts drawing attention to this horrific phenomenon?

The anti-rape activists have been mysteriously silent on the very real phenomenon of Muslim Rape Culture. They seem much more focused on American (so-called) rape culture:
Rape culture includes jokes, TV, music, advertising, legal jargon, laws, words and imagery, that make violence against women and sexual coercion seem so normal that people believe that rape is inevitable.
So... actual goddamn mass rape gets a pass, but making fucking JOKES is what agitates you. Scores of Muslims actually brutalizing and gang-raping Germans, Finns, Swedes, Norwegians, Danes, and lets not forget...


That, you're silent on.

Rape isn't a word. It's an act. Idiots on the Internet say rape. Muslims actually gang-rape people. If you complain about the former, but are silent on the latter, you are a horrible human being.

The feminist movement, and the anti-rape movement, and all the associated and intersectional, and whateverthefuckelse movements have collectively lost any moral high ground, any sense of what is actually important. You have lost the right to be heard on this issue, because you focus on trivial things that happen to be done by classes of people you despise (i.e., white men) and consciously ignore infinitely worse things that are actually being done by people you happen to think deserve your political cover. Or you say that the women have to do something about it (I thought it wasn't ever the woman's fault?). All in the name of Political Correctness.

You disgust me.

And when ordinary citizens want to band together and do something about these atrocities? The press and police attack them as vigilantes. Even as the police are covering up the original crimes! Maybe if you were doing your job in the first place, ordinary folks wouldn't have to step up to do it for you.

You disgust me a hundredfold.

This goes far beyond mere hypocrisy. Far beyond double-standards. Your collective silence is helping to subject the very people you claim to want to help to the very thing you claim is the worst thing that could possibly happen to them.

You want to protest "rape culture"? The start protesting Muslim culture -- THAT ACTUALLY ENGAGES IN MASS RAPE AS A REGULAR THING -- ten, twenty, a hundred times more vociferously than you bitch and moan about some adolescent on the Internet making a "bitch gonna get raped" comment on some forum or chat room. Until that happens, shut the fuck up. Really. You have no leg to stand on.

Rape isn't a word. It's an act. Idiots on the Internet say rape. Muslims actually gang-rape people. If you complain about the former, but are silent on the latter, you are a horrible human being.


  1. I came to your blog on the recommendation from a comment on the latest Well of Galabes post. I enjoyed and was intrigued by what I had read so far. Then I came across this post.

    Pretty disheartening stuff I have to say. The reports of events in Cologne are disgusting and deeply upsetting; uniquely so I feel. So I find it disheartening that you choose to trivialise them with this hateful screed. It's honestly like you've read a 101 guide on "how to stir up hatred of Foreign People".
    Firstly, exaggerate and exacerbate all details, such as claiming that "dozens of German women were raped", when the highest figure I've seen reported so far is two. That is of course two too many, and the mass groping and fondling is utterly desperate and sickening.
    Secondly, claim that it's all actually part of an evil conspiracy. "This is all part of the jihad". Really? I mean, really? That's the best you can do in your analysis? Please, take a deep breath and think about what you are saying. Out of the 1.1 million refugees taken over the last year, none of these people are actual refugees fleeing desperate situations? Its actually "all part of the jihad". This is the clear implication of your statement. You are saying that these sexual assaults are a CONSCIOUS ACT OF WAR. Furthermore you're claiming that the refugees are actually consciously here as conquerers. Please stop and think. Stop and think. Stop and think, please.

    Thirdly, rely on cherry-picked analyses to make your case of how evil and predatory all muslim men are. If what the dodgy-looking study you link to about rape statistics in Sweden claims is actually true, why is it not clearly and unambiguously the case in France (HUGE muslim population), in Britain and elsewhere? Now I'm not saying there aren't scandals in these places (yes I know all about Rotherham etc), I'm saying such scandals do not in any way support the wild exaggerations being put forward by your Christian Broadcasting Network links etc, about 70% plus of rapes all being by immigrants.

    I say this as someone of liberal instincts, who nonetheless has no problem going along with SOBER AND SANE discussion of the role of religion and culture, and immigration, in this highly disturbing situation.

    In case it wasn't clear, you don't sound to me either sober or sane on this issue (which is a shame and surprising considering how subtle and reasonable your thinking is in your other articles, even when dealing with scandalous topics, such as in your Virginia white supremacists post); you sound like Anders Breivik, mate.

    Please see this German, African immigrant's comment on the events:

  2. Apologies. I inadvertently hit the wrong button and deleted a comment, which I am replicating here. This was posted by Ailim Hazel ( Apologies! (If you want to repost it, Ailim, I'll delete this notice.)

    "Of course no feminist is going to touch this ass hysteria. It's classic racist scapegoating. There were plenty of rapes and domestic violence in these countries beforehand. But when your husband or boyfriend rapes you, women are a lot more likely to blame themselves and not report it than if they're attacked in the street. There has not been an increase, only a few extreme, instances that make everyone panic. It's like police brutality in the US. It didn't suddenly increase over the past year, it's just we were paying attention finally and the media was covering it more.

    "Saying we're dealing with a wave of or a plague of Muslim rapists crashing across Europe and headed to the US is the same racism and fear mongering that Trump spews at the pulpit. No self respecting feminist would ever align themselves with such an extremist racist position."

  3. Thanks for publishing my comment, and my apologies for the high-handed and sarcastic tone. Its an emotive issue for most people.
    Not to pre-empt any response you wanted to give, but if I could just add one thing: whilst I'm not conspiratorially minded, it DID cross my mind soon after reading about the events that there could be a kind of "jihad" element evident in the reports of coordination in the sexual attacks. It crossed my mind that some of those involved could conceivably have links to ISIS or groups like them, who have made no bones about their overarching strategy of attack from multiple angles, including cultural sabotage. And so this could be such an attack, designed precisely to stoke up hatred of muslims, which can then be capitalised on further. So, therefore, if there's a chance of that being the case, it feels like posts such as yours play right in to it by dutifully stoking up said hatred. Of course it just crossed my mind, and then I thought I was being naive or dumb, but then other people have thought the same thing:

    This article sums up what I'm trying to say: it starts with a group of Tunisians handing out flowers and notes of apology at Cologne station, and then features a comment from an "ex-Muslim" who has the same suspicions about the co-ordination of the attacks.

    In other words...its a very complex situation. And when I say that the "jihad" element crossed my mind too, I'm not contradicting what I said in my first post (thought I didn't necessarily say it well). What I'm trying to say is: it would be foolish to completely ignore the jihad-angle, but equally foolish to then paint all muslims with that brush. A commonplace or pedestrian observation, perhaps, but I feel such things need to be said in response to the kind of "classic racist scapegoating", in the words of your other poster, evident in your post.