Saturday, May 16, 2015

HUAR doesn't speak for me

I am Joseph, born in the United States, of English, Danish, Swedish, and Ukrainian descent. And “Heathens United Against Racism” (HUAR) doesn’t speak for me.

I think people of every ethnicity, and every nationality, should be free to embrace the religious paths of their forefathers. You can’t have diversity without a sense of identity.

I believe that Asatru is the modern expression of the pre-Christian religion of the people of northern and western Europe. And as someone of (mostly) northern European ethnicity, I should have the same freedom to embrace the spiritual path of my ancestors that I believe my Amerindian, Tibetan, African, and Asian friends do.

I’m a proud member of the Asatru Folk Assembly, and I greatly respect Stephen A. McNallen. He has made great contributions to the growth of Asatru over the years, and the campaign of hate against him personally is both wrong and unseemly.

I can be folkish and not be racist. I can want to spread the faith of my folk without thinking that other folks are inferior, or wanting to harm them, or obsessing about some sort of “racial purity” that nobody in the Asatru community except HUAR seems to be carrying on about.

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  1. You are 100% in the right on this issue Joseph.

    The RPG Pundit posted some stuff about your comments here. Though you might be interested if you haven't seen it

    I have a detailed answer from an outside opinion there but in short, its your right to live your life by your standard and to associate or not associate with whoever you please,

    As far as I am concerned, the AFA is one of the most noble religious concerns going today and Stephen McNallen is a great man, doing great work.

    I hope the AFA becomes something to be reckoned with and is able to do much more its real work, healing the hearts of the European peoples.