Tuesday, April 28, 2015

(UPDATED) THIS will end well...

The Asatru community in the northeastern US is quite robust, and has the benefit that both the folkish and universalist camps are well-represented, so Asatruar of either inclination (or those who don't care) have lots to choose from.

It is also fortunate to have a facility like Camp Netimus, which is a girls camp with cabins, wonderful facilities, and a staff and administration that is most definitely Pagan and Heathen friendly. Over the years they've played host to numerous Asatru and neo-pagan gatherings, and this year will be hosting Trothmoot, Folkish Summer Hallowing, East Coast Thing, and AFA Winternights. It's a great time to be a Heathen who lives an hour away from Netimus. :-)

However, it is the case that the folkish and universalist camps in the area don't exactly get along. It might even be correct to say that, on the whole, they loathe one another, both on ideological and personal levels.

So, when this came to light, it, shall we say, raised a few eyebrows:

For those not "in the know", East Coast Thing is one of the premier universalist gatherings in the region, and Folkish Summer Hallowing is one of the premier folkish gatherings in the region.

As I write this, it's unknown whether the camp has really double-booked that weekend (in which case it will be VERY interesting to see which event moves to another date), or whether one event's website simply has the wrong date. If they are double-booked, then whoever got their paperwork in sooner will probably get the date, but the perception of "we had to move to accommodate them" will still be out there. Either way, I fear that the snafu will serve to exacerbate tensions between the two sides, which have been pretty calm the last few years, which I personally think is a good thing.

Updates as information becomes available.

UPDATE THE FIRST (4/28/15 10:15 PM):

The Folkish Summer Hallowing website just posted the following update on the situation:

It has come to our attention, as of April 28th 2015, that the organizers of East Coast Thing (ECT) mistakenly advertised their event on the wrong weekend, our weekend. (August 20th-23rd)
After re-checking our CONTRACT between The Irminfolk and Camp Netimus, and then reaching out DIRECTLY to the Camp facilitators, we CONFIRMED that our dates are correct and ECT’s contract books them for the following weekend (Aug 26th-30th). 
We understand that some good quality Heathens have already taken off from work and made travel arrangements for the dates FSH will be held, with the intent of attending ECT. 
We are sympathetic to their unfortunate circumstances and will be more than happy to accommodate them at our FSH event. 
FSH is a family friendly event which is open to ALL Heathens, and we hold hospitality and frith in the HIGHEST regard.  All are welcome. 
I'd say that's mighty white of them. Ahem. ;-)

UPDATE THE SECOND (4/29/15 5:15 PM)

The East Coast Thing folks have posted the following on their Facebook page, and have made corrections on the main ECT website:

We would like to firstly extend our deepest apologies to anyone and everyone who took off already and made travel plans for ECT. The dates that we have been advertising are incorrect. The official dates for ECT 2015 are from August 26- August 30.
For those of you wondering what may have happened, we always book the weekend before Labor Day. This year however, Labor Day weekend is a bit later than normal, and the camp forwarded us a pre-contract dating of August 19-23rd. It was their error but we did not pick up on on the fact that this was not in fact, the weekend before Labor Day. In the meantime, another event was contracted for that weekend.
Netimus has allowed us to reduce the price of any and all registrations by 20$. We know, it isn't much.
New registration forms will be made available shortly, in the meantime you can still use the old registration forms if you wish, but pay 20$ less than the asking price per ticket. If you have already paid, send us an email at ectreg2015@pobox.com.We apologize again and profusely for this misunderstanding.
So, basically, it comes down to:

  • ECT and FSH both originally asked for different dates
  • Both events were booked by the campground for different dates
  • The campground accidentally put the wrong date on the paperwork sent to ECT
  • ECT publicly announced the wrong date that was on the paperwork, rather than the correct date they originally asked for
An unfortunate situation all around, but hopefully it got caught early enough that not too many travel plans or vacation days from work will have to be adjusted. Glad it (mostly) worked out.

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