Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Christians Worldwide Protest Announcement of "Jesus's Wife" Parchment

Angry mobs of Christians around the world surrounded universities, storming archaeology departments and in one case dragging the dean of Harvard Divinity School through the streets in a bloody reaction to the announcement that a papyrus has been discovered that makes unmistakable reference to the wife of Jesus.

"This is a complete insult to our Lord and Savior and cannot be allowed to go unpunished!" one unnamed rioter said, waving a larger-than-life poster of Jerry Fallwell over his head. "To suggest that Jesus had a wife strikes at the very heart of our faith and is deeply insulting."

...well, no, not really.

What really happened is that angry mobs of Muslims, still incensed about some godsawful video that makes Star Trek fan-films look like Hollywood blockbusters, are still rioting, burning, looting, and killing. (While, in an unrelated development, Al Qaeda staged a coordinated assault against the U.S. embassy, of which the U.S. government was warned 3 days in advance, but chose to do nothing to safeguard the lives of the embassy staff.)

And today, the latest provocation that set off bombs in Paris and caused the French government to announce the closure of embassies throughout the Muslim world this Friday was... cartoons.

No, this is not a repost from 2005.

This time, the offending cartoons were actually mocking the stupid film, but in the process they portrayed Mohammed naked.

Naturally, a calm and reasoned reaction from the Muslim mob is expected.

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