Saturday, August 6, 2011

Watching the Response

Well, I'll be watching highlights actually, since I'll be at the Hands of Change Pagan Picnic tomorrow, doing a class on runes and performing the closing ritual (solo!).

But I'll be keeping a wary eye on both Rick Perry and the other folks who are speaking at the massive Evangelical prayer rally that's caused so much agita amongst the liberati as of late.

Perry's got a real opportunity to lose the support of myself and not only the other 15-20% of pagans who normally vote Republican, but also a huge swath of the libertarian wing of the party. All they need to do is ramp up the xenophobic "Paganism/Islam/Witchcraft/whatever is unAmerican/causing god to turn his back on America/should be outlawed" talk.

On the other hand, if they keep it positive, keep falling on their knees beseeching their ludicrous deity to forgive them for crimes he invented in the first place, and generally avoid the overt tones of Christian Supremacy that a lot of people fear will permeate the event, they should do okay, and Perry will have positioned himself well to declare his candidacy for President a day or two after the Iowa straw poll, just in time to step on any good press and tamp down any momentum the winner might get.

Of course, they could sing a single chorus of "Amazing Grace" and then all leave the stadium, and certain elements will claim it was the next closest thing to a Bund rally, but there's no pleasing some people.

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