Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ron Paul on Religious Freedom

From last night's GOP Primary debate on CNN:

I think faith has something to do with the character of the people that represent us, and law should have a moral fiber to it and our leaders should. We shouldn't expect us to try to change morality. You can't teach people how to be moral.

But the Constitution addresses this by saying -- literally, it says no theocracy. But it doesn't talk about church and state. The most important thing is the First Amendment. Congress shall write no laws -- which means Congress should never prohibit the expression of your Christian faith in a public place.
Really, Congressman? The First Amendment is about protecting *Christian* faith? What about other faiths? Prohibiting expression of Christian faith in public is verbotten, but by implication you see nothing wrong with doing so when other faiths are being suppressed? Otherwise, why did you feel the need to insert "Christian" in there?

So much for the vaunted libertarian.

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