Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Some Personal Stuff

This last week or two has seen a couple of really significant events that bear telling.

First, I swore my Hold Oath to my brother Lou, being the first to have done so under the new banner of Arfstoll Thjod. What the heck does that mean, you may ask? In Theodish Belief, we hold that our Luck flows to us from the Gods through the intermediary of our earthly Lord. The mechanism by which this is done is the swearing of a Hold Oath. So, by swearing the oath, I set Lou up as the conduit through which Luck flows to me from the Gods. At the same time I was raised in rank to Hersir, which is as high as it goes short of being a Lord myself (and I've no desire for that particular load of responsibility!).

Second, Arfstoll Thjod is now a completely independent entity. Lou himself has been released from his hold to Dan O'Halloran, leader of the Normannii Thiud, and thus is now free to pursue the work of building up our new tribe without the need to have Dan act as intermediary between us and the Gods. It's a weighty thing, and a monumental task, but we're all a-buzz with excitement and energy!

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