Monday, August 31, 2009

East Coast Thing

So now that I'm back from East Coast Thing, I have a couple of observations.
  1. I suck at kubb, and shall practice to reduce my level of sucking.
  2. I suck at hammer throwing, but at least I didn't toss it the shortest distance, so I don't feel completely inadequate.
  3. The wedding was the highlight of the weekend as far as I'm concerned. The ceremony itself was notable because it was a "real" wedding, with non-pagan family present (a lot of them), bridesmaids that looked like bridesmaids, a bride with a real wedding dress, etc. The reception was an amazing time, the play was incredible (and gave me plenty of ideas for my own series of ritual dramas which have been in the works for some time), and the live band was a knockout. Top notch all the way.
  4. Seven pitchers of beer plus at least a bottle of mead is perhaps just a smidgen too much, even for me.
  5. Omens are important, and need to be heeded.
On the whole, I had a good time, but I'm not sure I'll be there next year. I'm not sure I got out of it what everyone else seemed to. Time shall tell.


  1. I've never been to any such kind of event, but I'd love to go and try one some day when the kids are just a smidge older and more leaveable.

  2. For me, the focus on sports plus heavy drinking is not a great incentive to attend. I could get that at my local tavern any night of the week. I don't see why throwing hammers, axes, playing Kubb are considered so important. Were there also peaceful, quiet moments for "spiritual" reflection?

  3. Oh, there are rituals aplenty (5 full rituals between Wednesday and Sunday), but I think the real value of an event like this is the socialization. It really does work to bind the Asatru community together to have such an annual gathering.

    As far as peaceful reflection, someone had set up a terrific Thor shrine, and I must say I got more spiritual benefit out of praying there than I did at the regular rituals. But as you say, I could get such time for quiet reflection in my own ve. ECT's best value comes from its opportunities for socialization, rather than its spiritual gravitas, in my opinion.

  4. ect was fun. the wedding ill agree was great comradery. the drinking and merriment helped alot. the rituals were ok,but some outward expressed points of view were missenterpreted in my opinion,especially about Allfather Odin.
    there were an abundant number of Odinsmen present,which may sound great,but as an Odinsman,and a former soldier,and man of great honor,i can tell you definately that there were many wanna-be Odinsmen,and ''dress-up'' Odinsmen present.
    the sports events were fun,modern and older viking games,nuthing great,just great fun.
    i will definately be back next year.