Friday, June 19, 2009

News from the Normannii

Summarmal aet Bannung

HWAET! Let all know that this Summarmal, a Sigirblot was held at the home of Dan Eorl and Lady Cynthia O'Halloran; the Godstent was raised and offerings made for the Victory season to come. At the tide many of matters were discussed, however the greastest of these is the new turning of the wheel in the Normannii Reik. In consultation with his Lord, his Men, his Family; Lou Ordthain Sancio has requested that his Hold Oath be deemed a Fosterage Hold Oath so that he and his men may forge their Luck and forge Thew.

In the most ancient of Germanic traditions, one of the Folk has chosen to test their Luck and migrate and discover another thew of Theodisc gelafe. This is a new Chapter for the Normannii where our Luck, Might, and Mains has grown to bud new a new Thiud from amongst our own. Great Gefrain shall be had within the Reik with the success of this bold venture, which joins the ranks of the OEtheland Theod of the Jutes and the Englen Leod of Anglians within the Reik's fosterlings.

Ever will the bond between Lord Normandy and Lou Ordthain be strong and ever will Lou Ordthain's roots be Normannii Thiu; with two decades of friendship to anchor this new tether, this Fosterage shall grow our friendship even stronger.

Sowise, from this day forth Lou Ordthain shall be our Fosterling and such Hold that attends, be until such time as its is deemed recht and meet to set apart from the Reik.

As part of this great new undertaking Joe Karl Bloch, Blood-Sib to Lou Ordthain shall have his Hold gerihtan unton his brother, so as to join him in this endeavor, that they should seek their own family Might and Mains together.

Be it so deemed by my hand that I release Joe Karl from his Hold Oath to me upon the condition that he take knee to Lou Ordthain by the upcoming Winternights; for which there shall be no openlic Oath Price or Shild, just the affirmed freod betwixt and between Dan Eorl and Lou Ordthain.

This I do hear and do none gainsay, untowhich I affix my seal.


Dan Eorl O'Halloran

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