Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Introduction to Germanic Paganism Class

For those who might happen to be in the vicinity of northern New Jersey towards the end of the month, I will be teaching an "Introduction to Germanic Paganism" class at the Morris County Library in Whippany, NJ on May 30th from 1:00 - 3:00 PM. Here's the nitty-gritty:

All those who wish to learn more about Norse mythology, modern Germanic Paganism (aka Heathenry, Asatru, Theodism, etc.), magic as practiced by the ancient Germanic peoples, and related topics are invited to attend an "all-welcome" class on Saturday, May 30, at 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM at the Morris County Public Library in Whippany, NJ, just off Interstates 80 and 287.

Topics covered will include:

  • The cosmology and Gods, Giants, and other beings of the Germanic / Norse world-view
  • Worship of household spirits and ancestors; the beliefs of the "ordinary folk"
  • Forms of magic used by the ancient Germanic / Norse peoples
  • Divination in a Germanic / Norse context
  • Different types of contemporary worship
This class is intended as the introduction to a series of lectures, classes, and discussions which will be held throughout the rest of the year, which will delve far beyond the standard "this is what the runes mean" material that you may have seen in books and elsewhere. But you don't have to come to future classes just because you come here. There's no obligation!

If you have ever been interested in knowing more about the world of the Norse (and Anglo-Saxons, Germans, Goths, Teutons, etc.), how they approached their Gods, and how Germanic religion is practiced today, this will be a great introduction.

Seats are limited to the first 20 participants, to please RSVP early to ensure your place! You can either do it via email (joseph@josephbloch.com) or at Meetup.com.

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